Leigh Lambert

Leigh Lambert

With visually striking scenes combining areas of vivid colour against black and white backgrounds, it is not difficult to become completely absorbed by each Leigh Lambert artwork.
Hosting Leigh Lambert's first solo exhibition 15 years ago here at the Watergate Street Gallery, Leigh is part of the family and his work understandably commands the most conversation and laughter.

There is a unique story to each one of Leigh Lambert's paintings. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1979, it is his father’s stories of growing up there in the 1950’s that caught Leigh’s imagination and inspired his artistic re-creation of those stories.

As Leigh progressed through school, his attention to detail became apparent in his drawing and painting classes and this is one of the characteristics that define his work today. When you look at the detail of the brickwork, the cobbles and the depth of perspective, you realise how technical these paintings are and can appreciate the time taken to create them.

Leigh Lambert's paintings contrast the dominating nature of bleak neighbourhoods on the edge of industry with the glorious colours of childhood innocence. Combined with a familiar, comical expression which forms the title, each picture captivates the viewer as it evokes that sense of nostalgia and individual childhood memory.

We keep the full range of Leigh Lambert prints and limited editions in the gallery, as well as rare original paintings if you are quick. We can also arrange special commissioned original oil paintings - please enquire at Watergate Street Gallery for details.
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Driving Home For Christmas Canvas
Driving Home For Christmas  Paper
Driving Home For Christmas Sketch
LOW AVAILABILITY – Race you to the Bottom
Home James
Home James
SOLD OUT – Don’t Spend It All At Once – Paper
Limited Edition Book with 2x prints of 495
Can I Come And Help?
False Alarm!
False Alarm!
False Alarm! Artist Proof
Save Me One – Artists Proof
Save Me One
Save Me One
Save Me One
Save Me One
All Aboard For The Seaside – Paper
All Aboard For The Seaside – Paper Artist Proof
All Aboard For The Seaside – Canvas
LOW AVAILABILITY – All Aboard For The Seaside – Canvas Artist Proof
All Aboard For The Seaside – Canvas Deluxe
All Aboard For The Seaside – Deluxe Artist Proof
Ello, Ello, Ello – Canvas Artist Proof
Ello, Ello, Ello – Paper
Ello, Ello, Ello – Paper Artist Proof
I Hope You’ve Got Your… – Canvas

238 results

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